Marvey Mystery cover by Al Gabriele

Al Gabriele was working as an artist for American comic books in the 1940s. He was especially associated with Timely/Marvel, working on early stories with 'Captain America' and 'Sub-Mariner', and co-creating 'The Whizzer' (with Al Avison, 1941) and 'Miss America' (with Otto Binder, 1943). His other Timely credits include pencils on 'The Destroyer' and 'Human Torch', and inks on 'Black Marvel', 'Father Time', 'Kid Columbus' and 'Marvel Boy'.

Gabriele was an inker of Jack Kirby's 'Blue Bolt' stories for Novelty Comics, and also worked for companies like Fiction House ('Red Panther', 'Reef Ryan', Captain Terry Thunder'), Harvey ('Black Cat'), Feature Comics ('Black Owl') and Quality ('Uncle Sam', 'Paul Bunyan').

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