L'Homme de Java by Gabrion
L'Homme de Java #3

Pierre-Yves Gabrion was born in Morocco and spent most of his early years in Guyana. There, he began his career working as a journalist for television and the press. From 1975, he cooperated with the monthly magazine Pacte while also making illustrations for children's magazines such as Totoche Poche, Placid et Muzo Poche, Bugs Bunny, Yataka and Akim. He was a designer for Amis-Coop magazine, and also created his first gag series, called 'Galopinages', for this magazine.

Scott Zombi, by Pierre-Yves Gabrion
Scott Zombi

From 1977, Gabrion's work was also present regularly in Pistil and Djin. A year later, he produced 'Les Aventures d'Ulysse', a comic starring the dog from the TV show 'Le Club d'Ulysse'. Between 1979 and 1981, he wrote several stories with Disney characters for Le Journal de Mickey and he made game pages for Picsou under the pseudonym Gabs. The paper Combat Socialiste ran his daily strip 'Rat-le-bol' in 1981.

Capitaine Moulin-Rouge, by Pierre Yves Gabrion
Capitain Moulin-Rouge

Between 1983 and 1988, he was present in Spirou with the series 'Les Pensionnaires' and 'Le Chevalier Blanc'. As a scenarist, he wrote the scripts for 'Tahoré, le Petit Tahitien', drawn by Curd Ridel. During this period, he started the art studio Atelier Bergame with fellow artists Frédéric Garcia, Régis Loisel and Claude Lacroix. He contributed to the magazines of the Milan group, drawing 'Mareel' in Mikado and 'Tom, Max et Charlotte' in Diabolo. In 1987 and 1989, he produced his first two albums as an allround author in the series 'Les Mémoires du Capitain Moulin-Rouge'.

Primal Zone by Gabrion
Primal Zone

Gabrion temporarily abandoned the humorous genre and developed the semi-realistic series 'L'Homme de Java', that was published by Vents d'Ouest in four books from 1990 until 1994. In addition, he drew for magazines like Brazil ('Les Rameaux de Salicorne') and Gotham (the manga-inspired 'Shekawati'). From 1998, he was present at Casterman with 'Les Rameaux de Salicorne' (1998), 'Phil Koton' (2000) and 'Scott Zombi' (with Zidrou, 2002-2004). Soleil published his detective comic 'Kern' in 2006, while Delcourt published his black-and-white one-shot comic 'Primal Zone' in 2009.

Phil Koton by Gabrion
Phil Koton

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