Galax, by Roland Garel

Roland Garel began his career at Éditions Mondiales, where he began retouching foreign matieral. In 1957, he drew his first comic for Ima, 'Papoulet et Riton'. He then began a collaboration with the pocket publications of Aventures & Voyages (Marco Polo, Robin des Bois), where he created series like 'Galax' (2000 pages) and 'Les 4 As' (2080 pages) with scripts by Roger Lécureux between 1961 and 1968. In addition, he was present in Record with 'Les Aventures de Jack de Minuit', and in several other magazines for children, like Lisette, J2 Magazine, Formule 1 and Fripounet. Through the Intermonde agency, he worked as an artist of strips for the press, including 'Les Trappeurs de l'Arkansas' (Paris-Normandie), 'S.O.S. Pour l'Enfer Vert' (Le Dauphiné Libéré, La Résistence de l'Ouest, La Montagne, 1958-60) and one of his best known creations, 'Chère Pauline'. This strip debuted in Le Parisien in 1968, and has been reprinted in numerous other papers until 1971.

Garel has also published albums with publishers like Jeunesse et Vacances, Chancerel ('Bricolage', 'La Cuisine', 1967), Dargaud ('L'Auberge Rouge', coll. Drames et Énigmes, 1969), Fleurus ('Vincent de Paul', 1986) and Editions du Cygne ('L'Histoire du Groupe Danone', 2004). For the editorial agency of Chancerel, he additionally made 'Les Pionniers de l'Impossible' between 1974 and 1982. He contributed to the 'Encyclopédie en Bandes Dessinées' at Auzou publishers from 1980 and 1982. Throughout the 1980s, Garel did a large amount of work for such magazines as Télé-Loisirs, Télé-Poche, Elle, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Parisien and several other Swiss, Belgian and Spanish magazines. In 1988-89, he participated in the series 'Figures du Protestantisme d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui' at Éditions du Signe. He co-founded the APAR agency in 1990, illustrated educational books for Sadifa and games in Télé Loisir.

Chère Pauline, by Roland Garel

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