Give me Liberty, by Dave Gibbons
'Give me Liberty'.

British artist Dave Gibbons published his first comics in the fanzine Fantasy Advertiser in 1970. Shortly afterwards, he found employment at the Fleetway agency, through which he worked for DC Thomson and IPC Magazines. He was part of the original team of artists that worked for 2000 AD, starting in 1977. Gibbons worked on series like 'Harlem Heroes', 'Ro-Buster', 'Judge Dredd' and 'Rogue Trooper', as well as the new rendition of 'Dan Dare'. Other work by Gibbons around this time appeared in Buster, Hotspur, and Wizard. For Marvel UK, he worked on series like 'Doctor Who' (the lead story in Doctor Who Weekly/Monthly) and 'The Iron Legion' from 1979.

Watchmen, by Dave Gibbons

Although continuing to work for British publishers, Gibbons shifted focus to the US by working for DC Comics in the 1980s. He drew titles like 'The Flash', 'Green Lantern' and 'The Legion of Super-Heroes', but is best known for the limited series 'Watchmen', which he made with Alan Moore in 1986-87. This critcally acclaimed book is a milestone in the re-evaluation of comic superheroes, and was one of the major publications in the 1980s.

originals, by Dave Gibbons (2004)
'Originals' (2004).

In addition, Gibbons also worked with Frank Miller on 'Give Me Liberty', the 'Martha Washington' series ('Martha Washington Goes to War' 'Martha Washington Stranded in Space', 'Martha Washington Saves the World'), and on an alternative comic version of the Bible.

Ground Zero, by Dave Gibbons
'Ground Zero' (1998).

In the 1990s, Gibbons went to work on 'Rogue Trooper' again, and took on comics scriptwriting. He has done scriptwork for A1 magazine, and worked on projects like 'Batman versus Predator' with artist Andy Kubert and 'World's Finest' with Steve Rude. For Dark Horse, he scripted the miniseries '1963',  illustrated by Mike Mignola. In 1997, he teamed up with Angus McKie and produced 'The Dome Ground Zero', a comic created entirely on the computer. From 1998, he cooperated with Moore again on 'The Spirit: the New Adventures' at Kitchen Sink Press. Recent projects with DC Comics include the six-issue limited series 'The Rann/Thanagar War' and 'Green Lantern Corps: Recharge'. Dave Gibbons has also done work with electronic media, designing the world and characters used in the CD-ROM game 'Beneath a Steel Sky'.

Superman, by Dave Gibbons
Cover illustration for Action, 1984. 

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