'Blateman & Bobine' #1.

Vincent Henin is a Belgian comic artist, who worked on several of Jacques Martin's classic comic series in the early 2000s, before turning to a career as a graphic designer. He resumed his comics activities with the more humorous series 'Blateman & Bobine' in 2015.

Early life and career
Vincent Henin was born in 1979 in Etterbeek, close to Brussels. He grew up in a family of comics aficionados, and quickly developed the ambition to become a comic artist. He ranks Paul Cuvelier, Jacques Martin, Grzegorz Rosinski, André Juillard, François Schuiten and Andréas Martens among his main influences. Since the age of 13 Henin went to comics classes by Jean-François di Giorgio and Jean-Luc Cornette at the Belgian Comics Art Museum in Brussels. He later also attended Di Giorgio's classes at the cultural centre Espace Bernier in Waterloo, where his fellow students were Frédéric Genêt and Cédric Hervan. His class event made it into the Guinness Book of Records by creating the biggest comic book page in the world.

Les Voyages d'Alix - 'Jérusalem'.

Jacques Martin
Comics legend Jacques Martin hired him as an apprentice and assistant in 1997. He worked with Christophe Simon of the backgrounds of the two books of 'L'Odyssée d'Alix' (1999), the 'Orion' album 'Le Pharaon' (1998) and of the fourtheenth 'Lefranc' album (with Olivier Pâques, 2001). Martin also asked him to illustrate the installment about the cities of Carthage (2000), Jerusalem (2002), Pétra (2003) and Lutetia (2006) in the educational spin-off collection 'Les Voyages d'Alix'. The Jerusalem book earned him the Rising Talent Award 2002 of the Belgian Chambre of Comics Experts.

Les Voyages d'Alix - 'Pétra'.

Since the comic book industry didn't provide enough financial security, Henin enrolled at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels , where he graduated in 2006 with a diploma in Infography-Visual and Plastic Arts. Henin nowadays works as a graphic and interface designer, both for the European Commission and freelance.

Blateman & Bobine
Henin returned to comics with the humorous children's comic about the extraordinary superheroes 'Blateman & Bobine', which he signs with Vhenin. This 'Batman & Robin' parody is written by Tarek and published by Éditions Tartamudo since 2015.

'Blateman & Bobine' #2.


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