Mamma's Boy, by Gilbert Hernandez
'Mamma's Boy'.

Gilbert Hernandez is one of the Hernandez Bros, also known as Los Bros Hernandez. Together with his brothers Jaime and Mario, he made his comics  debut in the fanzine Love and Rockets, to which each of the Los Bros made his own contribution. These comix were later published in trade paperback format, with titles that include 'Music for Mechanics', 'Wigwam Bam' and 'Blood of Palomar'. The books earned them a cult status, and Gilbert and Jaime virtually defined alternative comix in the 1980s. In 1996, Gilbert, who also works under the name Beto, went to work on a series of solo comics, including 'New Love, Luba' and 'Luba's Comics and Stories'.

comic art by Beto
Comic art by Gilbert Hernandez. 

In 2001, Gilbert and Jaime, accompanied by their brother Mario, relaunched Love and Rockets, now called Love and Rockets Vol. II, with a rate of three new issues a year. The prolific Gilbert has made the mini-series 'Girl Crazy' (Dark Horse), 'Birdland' (EROS Comix), and 'Grip' (DC Comics), as well as, in collaboration with Peter Bagge, 'Yeah!' (DC Comics). Gilbert Hernandez also worked on a television series, 'Naked Cosmos', which he wrote, directed and starred in.

The Hernandez Brothers were a strong influence on Sophie CrumbBernie Mireault and Adrian Tomine

comic art by Gilbert Hernandez (Beto), 1997
Comic art by Gilbert Hernandez. 

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