Dr. Robot, by Bernie Mireault
'Dr. Robot'. 

Bernie Mireault began making comic book narratives at the age of 18 and remains fascinated with the process to this day, regardless of the fact that he can't seem to quite make a decent living at it. Some of his most direct influences are the Hernandez brothers, Hergé, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Robert Crumb, Richard Corben and Vaughn Bode.

His first graphic novel, 'Mackenzie Queen', was published in 5 parts by a Montreal publisher named Matrix Graphic Series. It was directly inspired by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Doctor Strange. It was later collected and reprinted by Caliber Press.

The Jam, by Bernie Mireault
'The Jam'. 

Around that time, he also created 'The Jam'. Inspired by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's first run of 'Daredevil' books, Mireault went on to create over 18 issues to date (including the two issues of Madman Jam, in collaboration with Mike Allred), and was published in turn by Matrix Graphics Series, Slave Labor Graphics, Comico the Comic Company, Dark Horse comics and Caliber Comics. 'The Jam' represents Mireault's largest single ongoing continuity.

Bug-Eyed Monster, by Bernie Mireault
'Bug-Eyed Monster'. 

Over the last few years Mireault has created other characters, aimed at a more general audience. 'Dr. Robot' came to be as the result of his introduction to Japanese animation and videogames. It was published as a one-shot issue by Dark Horse comics in 2000. Other new characters include 'Bug Eyed Monster', though hardly anything from that has seen print yet.

While he prefers to write and draw his own personal projects, he has worked collaboratively with others many times and enjoys it. He worked on Matt Wagner's Grendel (issues #13-15) and went on to help with the inking and coloring of that book for more than a decade. He had the opportunity to pencil a Neil Gaiman story featuring The Riddler for DC's Secret Origins Summer Special #1, inked by Matt Wagner and colored by Joe Matt.

Grendel, by Bernie Mireault

Mireault provided some of the art for Oni Press' "Blair Witch Chronicles" limited series (Written by Jen Van Meter) and has done a great deal of coloring on a wide variety of other projects. He also practices animation and using Flash, has made several short films. He has a band called Bug Eyed Monster and enjoys song-writing and performing. He loves computers and the way they can facilitate productivity. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with his partner and two teenage sons and he looks forward to future comic art endeavours.

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