Knickebein der Rabe, by Werner Hierl
Knickebein der Rabe (Bilderpost)

Werner Hierl was among the first artists for Rolf Kauka's comics production. He was the apprentice of Dorul van der Heide, and became chief artist after his master's departure from the studios. He started working for Kauka on the age of 23, drawing at first 'Eulenspiegel' and later 'Fix und Foxi'. In the early days, the studios moved several times, and Hierl moved with it. When Kauka Film was founded in 1956, Hierl also began working in the animation field. He cooperated on the 'Münchhausen' feature with Rolf Kauka, Walter Neugebauer, Josef Braunmüller, Vlado Magdic, Branco Karabajic and Max Reindl. Hierl left Kauka in 1961 and went to work for Bavaria Film, where he is one of the founders of the animation department. Among his movie credits is 'Raumpatrouille Orion'. He has also worked as an illustrator and caricaturist.

Pauli, by Werner Hierl

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