comic for Wacht im Westen by Karlheinz John
Wacht im Westen (23/2/1945)

Karlheinz John was a collaborator of the German army daily Wacht im Westen - Frontzeitung unserer Armee, a publication of the Propaganda Kompanie. Although World War II was near its end, the magazine continued publication, and was vividly illustrated. John's main comic character was the soldier 'Der Lange Michel'. Unlike the work of the magazine's other artists, like Von Waldl and Hicks, John's work was not much heroic and propagandistic, but more poetic, as far as we could discover.

Der Lange Michel by Karlheinz John
Der Lange Michel by Karlheinz John
Der Lange Michel (Wacht im Westen, 28/2/1945)

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