Space Ducks by Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is an American singer/songwriter and artist. He was born in Sacramento, California, and raised in West Verginia. He showed an interest in art and music while in high school and began recording music in his parents' home in the late 1970s. Johnston, who suffers from schizophrenia and manic depression, gained local notoriety after moving to Austin, Texas. He handed out tapes to the local press and even made an appearance on MTV.

He released about 10 cassettes in the 1980s, of which 'Hi, How Are You?' from 1983 became the most iconic. Although Johnston's mental health deteriorated during the rest of decade and the 1990s, he got a wide cult following among musicians. He gained more public attention when Kurt Cobain wore a T-shirt baring the artwork from Johnston's 'Hi, How Are You?' cassette during Nirvana's Nevermind tour. His songs have been performed by over 150 artists around the world, including Tom Waits, Pearl Jam, Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips.

Johnston always provided the artwork for his cassettes. His art has been exhibited in London, New York Liverpool and Sacramento. In March 2012, he released his first comic book called 'Space Ducks - An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness' through BOOM! Studios.

A praised documentary about his life called 'The Devil and Daniel Johnston' was released in 2006. By then, Johnston was living with his parent in in Waller, Texas.

Space Ducks by Daniel Johnston

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