Pena das Selvas by Seung Joo Kang
Pena das Selvas - 'O Conto do Transporte' (B 840067) - © Disney.

Seung Joo Kang was a Brazilian-Korean female comic artist. She was active for the Brazilian Disney comics production of Editorial Abril during the 1980s, making several 'Joe Carioca' comics. 

Life and career
A Brazilian of Korean descent, she was one of the few females working in the Brazilian comic industry. She was part of a new wave of Disney artists emerging in the early 1980s, alongside Ernesto Y. Miyaura, Hélio Senatore, Paulo Renato da Costa Noely and the inkers Luiz Carlos F. Mirando and Luiz Carlos Natalino Ribeiro. Active between 1982 and 1988, most Seung Joo Kang's stories featured 'Jose Carioca' and his girlfriend Rosinha. This is no surprise, since the vagabond parrot from Rio from the feature films 'Saludos Amigos' (1942) and 'The Three Caballeros' (1944) is the most popular Disney character in Brazil.

Zé Carioca & Nestor - 'Voltam à Moleza' (B 860052) - © Disney.

However, she also illustrated stories with 'Donald Duck' and his family members, most notably his goofy cousin Fethry. These include stories with Fethry's Tarzan-version 'Pena das Selvas', his secret 'Red Bat' identity ('Morcego Vermelho', in Brazil) and his little nephew Biquinho. She furthermore provided the artwork to a couple of stories starring the witch 'Madam Mim' and the hillbilly character Hard Haid Moe.

Her further whereabouts are unknown.

Morcego Vermelho - 'Reforçando A Imagem' (B 820316) - © Disney.


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