Abdo Rimbo, by Sabri Kasbi

Sabri Kasbi is the son of a Tunisian father and a mother with Belgian, French and Spanish blood. In the 1980s, he took courses in plastic arts at the Institut Saint-Luc in his native town Mons. He then took courses in comics by Gérard Goffaux in the early 1990s. He works in the comics field professionaly since 1993. He is a teacher at the I.E.P.S. in Jemappes, where he gives courses in comics together with Jean-Michel Beuriot and Philippe Drumel. Once a year, they release Dioxine, a magazine containing work of their students and themselves. Kasbi produced 'Abdo Rimbo' at Vents d'Ouest in 1994, and he cooperated with Ludo Borecki on 'Pirates et Gentlemen'.

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