Carolyn Kelly was an American cartoonist, animator and book designer. She was the daughter of Walt Kelly, the creator of the satirical funny animal strip about the possum 'Pogo' (1948-1975), and his first wife. It goes without saying that Carolyn grew up in an artistic environment. She sometimes sat on her father's lap while he drew his strips, and was later also trained and encouraged by him in her artistic ambitions.

Carolyn's father passed away in 1973, after which the 'Pogo' strip was continued by his widow and third wife Selby Kelly until 1975. 'Pogo' was revived by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate between 1989 and 1992. The initial authors of the relaunched feature were cartoonist Neal Sternecky and writer Larry Doyle. In March 1992 the art duties were handed over to Carolyn Kelly, while her brother Peter Kelly and later Michael Lewis took care of the writing. Carolyn drew the 'Pogo' daily strip until 2 October 1993; the Sunday page had by then already turned to reprints.

Kelly remained the caretaker of her father's legacy in later years. She oversaw the production of the complete re-edition of Walt Kelly's 'Pogo', which Fantagraphics started publishing in 2011. She not only edited the books in the collection, but also did restoration work on the original strips and painted the cover illustrations. She has also illustrated the comic stories 'Grrrl-Whirl' (2001) and 'Bart Simpson's Day Off' (2001) for the 'Bart Simpson' comic book at Matt Groening's Bongo Comics.

Among her credits in the animation industry are the Saturday morning animated TV series 'Channel Umptee-3' (1997-1998). Her main artistic endeavors were in the area of book design, however. She was in a relationship with comic writer and historian Mark Evanier since the 1990s. Carolyn Kelly passed away in 2017 after a long battle with cancer.

'Bart Simpson's Day Off' (Bart Simpson #5). 

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