Frederik Ernest (Frits) Kloezeman was born in Malakka, where his Dutch father worked as an engineer. Frits Kloezeman had a great interest in Chinese culture, which he used when he was drawing the 'Rechter Tie' comic strip. During the second World War, he served as a volunteer in the British Army and was captured by the Japanese. In 1949, Kloezeman moved to Holland, where he joined the AVAN Studios, founded by Loek van Delden in The Hague. Here, he worked on the popular 'Smidje Verholen' comic for a while, before moving on to the Geesink Studios, where he participated in the creation of advertising and puppet films during the 1950s. He also worked with Henk Kabos on the 'Tekko Taks' comic.

SS Anne, by Frits Kloezeman
S.S. Anne

In 1959, Kloezeman left to start his own film studio, which was not a success. He became a freelance illustrator until he was hired by the Marten Toonder Studios as studio chief in 1962-1963. He worked on productions like the daily 'Tom Poes' comic, and also created two stories of his own realistic comic 'S.S. Anne'.

Rechter Tie, by Frits Kloezeman
Rechter Tie (Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 4/1/1965)

Writer Robert H. van Gulik, who wrote detective stories about a Chinese judge, then provided him with comic scripts for the 'Rechter Tie' ('Judge Tie') series, which ran in several newspapers during the between 1964 and 1969. One story was published in the Belgian magazine Spirou, and Wolter-Noordhoff collected several stories in book format in the early 1970s. From 1965, Frits Kloezeman was employed by the Geesink Studios again, where he worked on productions like 'Rick de Kikker', 'Loeki de Leeuw' and 'Dusty' until 1980. He retired because of medical reasons, and passed away in 1985.

SS Anne, by Frits Kloezeman (1962)
SS Anne (1962)

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