Krokrodile Comix II, by Mattt Konture

Mattt (Mathieu) Konture made his professional debut in 1984 in the magazines Le Lynx, Vipère, Psikopat, Nerf and Sponge. In 1985, he made the small comic book 'Ruga Zébo Violent,' published in the first Patte de Mouche collection of l'A.A.N.A.L., the predecessor of l'Associaton. He also made several stories with the character 'Galopu', which appeared in Réciproquement and Krokodile Comix and were collected in the book 'Souterrain' by Futuropolis.

comic art by Mattt Konture

In 1990, he was one of the founders of l'Association, along with Menu, Stanislas, Killofer, Trondheim and David B. For this organization, he created 'Glofluné Triblonto,' which was published in the new Patte de Mouche collection. At this time, his work was also present in publications like Krokodile, Miettes de Poche and Galopu, and much of this work was collected in 'Printemps, Autommes' by l'Association in 1993. Konture has also published in Jade, La Monstrueuse, Le Jambon Blindé and Lapin, the magazine of l'Association. In 1996, he made 'Ivan Morve' and two years later he produced the Patte de Mouche 'Galopinot' with Lewis Trondheim.

Krokodile Comix, by Mattt KontureHeadbanger, by Mattt Konture

Also for l'Association, he published a second volume of 'Krokodile Comix' as well as 'Tombe (la Veste?)' in the collection Mimolette. In that same collection, he made books like 'Barjouflasque', 'Head Ranger Forever!?' and 'Cinq Heure du Mattt', in 2000 and 2001. Also in 2000, he teamed up with Pierre Druilhe and Guillaume Bouzard to make 'Sponge' for the publishing house Six Pieds Sous Terre. As an illustrator, he colaborates with the record label Gougniaf Mouvement and the magazine Fluide Glacial. Konture finds his graphic inspiration in the underground comix movements of the 1960 and 1970s. His pages recall the work of Robert Crumb or Marc Caro.

comic art by Mattt Konture

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