Nicifor by Zoran Kovacevic

Zoran Kovačević is a comic artist from Belgrade. His influences are American artists like Mort Walker, Dik Browne, Johnny Hart, Brant Parker and Mell Lazarus. He began his career drawing caricatures in 1978, and his first comic book was 'Pajče poštarče'. He then published his work in Dečje novine, Politikin zabavnik ('Mir među životinjama'), OTO-zabavnik, Tik-Tak, Zeka, Tom i Jerry, Naš strip, Kekec and Mozaik ('Inspector Mudrić'). For Yu Strip, he created features like 'Nićifor', 'TV-mreža DDT' and 'Mikajlo'.

For the German publisher Interpart, he has drawn licensed properties like 'Sesame Street' (created by Jim Henson), 'Care Bears', 'David the Gnome' and 'Alfred J. Quack'. He was a member of the comics group Beogradski Krug 2, and has worked extensively with writer Lazar Odanovic.

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