The Wizard of Id, by Brant Parker

Brant Parker studied at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, before he started his career at the Walt Disney Studios. Parker worked at Disney until 1942, when he joined the US Navy. After his discharge in 1945, he returned to Disney and worked on several 'Donald Duck' shorts for a year and a half. By the late 1940s, Parker settled in New York and got a job as a political cartoonist with the Binghamton Press.

Wizard of Id by Brant Parker

He met the young high school student Johnny Hart at an art show. Together, they created the newspaper strip 'The Wizard of Id' in 1964. This strip about a medieval kingdom appears in over 1,000 newspapers and has earned Parker and Hart several prizes. Parker later collaborated with cartoonists Bill Rechin and Don Wilder on the strips 'Out of Bounds' (1986) and 'Crock' (1975). In 1997, Parker handed over the artwork of 'The Wizard' to his son, Jeff Parker. Brant Parker died of a stroke on 15 April 2007, eight days after the death of his companion, Johnny Hart.

Brant Parker was an influence on Don Orehek. 

The Wizard of Id, by Brant Parker

The Wizard of Id

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