MYX comics diary by Hallie Lama
comics diary for MYX #52

Alexander Lam, who uses the pseudonym Hallie Lama, was born in Loosdrecht and attended The Utrecht School of the Arts, but stayed for only one year. He had his first cartooning job in 1998-99, when he illustrated the stories of 'Zoenvis en Knuffelbeer' by Harmen Lustig and Steven de Munnik in the ID&T magazine Slam!. He then took a break from drawing for several years. By 2004, he resumed his activities by contributing webcomics to several sites.

Zoenvis en Knuffelbeer by Hallie Lama
Zoenvis en Knuffelbeer

Since 2006 he is part of the cartoon battle collective Nieuw Gehoer. He has collected his comics and cartoons in the smallpress booklets 'Hallie's eerste doe-het-zelf-boekje', 'Hallie's Tweede Cheap-ass Smallpressboekje: Nare Knijters, Vieze Praatjes' and the 'Walhallie' series, while publishing his work on his own weblog and websites like Eeuwig Weekend and Multivoice.

Joop en Harrie by Hallie Lama
Joop en Harrie

He furthermore participated in Margreet de Heer's 'Sprookjes in Strookjes' anthology and 24 Hour Comics. He contributed a comics diary to MYX Magazine and draws the comic strip 'Joop en Harrie' for the cat lover's magazine Majesteit. Publisher Xtra has collected Hallie's work in books like 'Walhallie', 'Hallie Lama's Moeilijke Tweede' and 'Hallie Lama houdt 't kort' since 2009.

comic from Walhallie
comic published in Walhallie (2009)

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