Allô t'es où?, by Lefred-Thouron
Allô t'es où? (Fluide Glacial #379, 2008)

After a brief period in art school Lefred-Thouron beganhis career as press cartoonist in such influential papers as Hara-Kiri and Fluide Glacial as well as in the widely distributed weekly L'Evénement du Jeudi. Since the end of the 1980s, the skills of this very independent-thinking, apolitical and ironical artist are solicited by a wide and seemingly always expanding assortment of periodicals. He works also on a more mainstream level, for publications such as the weekend supplement of the sport newspaper L'Equipe or Spirou Magazine, together with other recruits from the independent scene, such as Jean-Michel Thiriet, Lewis Trondheim or Manu Larcenet.

Allô t'es où?, by Lefred-Thouron
Allô t'es où? (Fluide Glacial #379, 2008)

Lefred-Thouron can be called a master of the difficult exercise that consists in making a pertinent commentary of the public life with only one drawing and less than ten words. He derides the foolishness of politics, sportsmen, media stars and all these anonymous individuals who make our world such a laughable one. His very minimal, scrambled style, idiotic looking characters and side-splitting one-liners make him hitting his target dead centre. Some of his drawings have been collected by editors such as Delcourt, Fluide Glacial, Glénat or Bikini and can be appreciated in a few thematic books, such as 'Nos animaux les bêtes' (1990), 'Oeuvres complètes reliées pleine peau' (1991), 'Manger est bon' (1995), 'Aimémé Jacquet, droit au but par la diagonale' (1998), 'Soyons sport dans l'effort' (2000), 'Le sport: bourse pleine' (2001) and 'Poulets pur porc' (2001).

Vacances, by Lefred-Thouron

Lefred-Thouron has also contributed in 1991, under the leadership of Philippe Geluck (father of 'Le Chat'), to 'Un peu de tout', a one-shot prize-winning TV-show produced by the RTBF (the Belgian public television), 'Un peu de tout' translated the montypythonesque vision of life in continental terms and has become over the years the object of a small but real cult in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Cartoon by Lefred-Thouron

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