Miss America, by Pauline Loth
The Mystery of the Shocker! (Miss America #2)

Pauline Loth was one of the few female comic book artists and animators in the 1940s. She worked as an assistant animator for the Fleischer Studios, where she also provided the voice of Honey in their feature film 'Mr. Bug Goes to Town' (1941). When 'Mr. Bug Goes to Town' became both a critical and commercial failure the Fleischer Studio went bankrupt and was taken over by Paramount. Loth joined Jack Binder's comics studio in 1942 and drew comics like 'Superbaby' for Timely Comics' subseries 'Comedy Comics', which was closely associated with Paul Terry's cartoon studio Terrytoons. She became the artist of  Otto Binder and Al Gabriele's 'Miss America' when the character got its own title in 1944. She also inked Elmer Cecil Stoner's 'Blackstone, Master Magician' for Street & Smith, as well as Bill Parker and C.C. Beck's 'Captain Marvel' and Otto Binder's 'Captain Midnight' for Fawcett. Later, she was present at Better Publications with western art.

Captain Devildog, from Big Shot Comics #25 (Columbia, 1942), art attributed to Loth

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