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Peter Lutz

Petrus Lutz

(17 August 1899 - 17 June 1973, The Netherlands)  Netherlands

Peter  Lutz

Witje en Gitje, by Peter Lutz

Peter Lutz was born in Amsterdam, and studied at the Quellinus art school. He worked for the Dutch Railroads for a couple of years, before becoming a freelance illustrator. He made comics for the dutch business magazine Succes and science magazine Wereld (the current affairs strip 'Filmpje'), and made illustrations for Margriet and Moeder. For Moeder, he made what is possibly the first Dutch family comic, with the father starring as anti-hero (1949).

Wybert advert, by Peter Lutz 1939

With scriptwriter Jan Feith, he made the picture collecting book 'De Lotgevallen van Witje en Gitje', published by the Dutch Confectioner organization in the 1930s. He also made six books with 'Avonturen van Prikkebeen junior' in 1938. He mostly worked in advertising, for instance by making comics which promoted Wybertjes. Peter Lutz died in Laren in 1973. He was the younger brother of artist Jan Lutz.

Wybert advert, by Peter Lutz 1939
Witje en Gitje, by Peter Lutz

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