Comic art by Darko Macan (1996)

Darko Macan is a comic artist from Zagreb, Croatia, where he studied history and archaeology at the University. He began his career working for Croatian comics, before he broke through on the US comic book market. Together with Edvin Biukovic, he created 'Citati' in Stripagent. He worked with Radovan Devlic and Dusan Gacic on 'Strossmayer' for Glas Koncila in 1993. In the mid-1990s, Macan and Biukovic submitted their work to Dark Horse Comics. Macan has written 'Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths', 'Star Wars: X-Wing: The Phantom Affair', 'Star Wars: Vader's Quest' and 'Tarzan: Carson of Venus', often in cooperation with his compatriots Biukovic and Igor Kordej. He has additionally worked on Vertigo's 'Hellblazer' and 'Marvel's 'Cable: The End'. Macan has also done scripts for several Disney pocket stories.

While working for the US market, he kept producing comics in Croatia, such as 'Komarac' with Stef Bartolic for Profil (2001), 'La Bette Noire' with Milan Jovanovic for Drugi Pogled (2001-02), 'Mister Macak' with Robert Solanovic and Tihomir Tikulin for Prvi izbor (1999). As a writer, he has written over 40 science fiction and fantasy short stories, two science fiction novels and three children's books. Under the pseudonym Cecile Quintal he has written essays about comics. Macan is editor-in-chief of the Q Strip comic magazine.

comic art by Darko Macan

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