Aventures de Stevostin by Gregory Makles
Aventures de Stevostin

Gregory Maklès studied Decorative Arts in Paris, together with his friends Robin Recht, Gabriel Delmas and Joseph Lacroix. Maklès was initially inspired by French-language humorist like Franquin, Greg and the Fluide Glacial team, but later drew his influences from British artists like McKean and Bisley and the Americans like Miller. After his studies, he initially focused on scriptwriting. His first works were the stories 'Le Dernier Rituel' with art by Recht (Soleil, 2002) and 'L'Encyclopédie du Mal' with Lacroix (Soleil, 2004).

It was with the series 'Ruppert' that he created his first solo comic, that was published by Carabas in 2007. By then, his cousin Vincent Maklès became his regular colorist. 'Ruppert' was followed by the humorous series 'Aventures de Stevostin', of which three books were published by Carabas between 2007 and 2010. In 2012 he drew 'La Survie de l'espèce' from a script by Paul Jorion for Futuropolis. When he is not busy drawing comics, he runs Ohm Force, a company to produces software for professional musicians.

La Survie de l'Espèce by Gregory Makles
La Survie de l'espèce

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