Scrooge, by José Massaroli
Scrooge McDuck - Body Swap (D 2003-057)

José Massaroli was born in Ramallo, Buenos Aires. He studied arts at the Instituto Ida with Angel Borisoff, Narciso Bayón and Pablo Pereyra. He published his first comic stories in the magazines Hijitus and Larguirucho in 1973. That same year, he contributed to Más Allá del Terror. He learned the finer points of the profession from Lito Fernández, with whom he worked on series like 'Dennis Martin', 'Haakon' and 'Precinto 56'. In 1975, he commenced drawing realistic stories for the publishing houses Columba, Record, Universo (Italy) and D.C. Thomson (UK).

Oquideo Maidana, by José Massaroli

He switched to humour in 1981 and cooperated on Ja Ja and Rico Tipo. He created 'Orquídeo Maidana' for Caras y Caretas in 1982 and made comic biographies of Juan Moreira, Manuel Dorrego, Facundo Quiroga and Chacho Peñaloza for the daily La Voz in 1983.

Gespenster Geschichten, Jose Massaroli
Gastspiel in der Ewigkeit (Gespenster Geschichten Spezial 103, 1987)

In 1985, he joined the Jaime Díaz Studios as a lay-out man and participated in TV series like 'Aladdin', 'Timon & Pumbaa', 'Scooby Doo', 'The Smurfs', 'The Jetsons' and 'The Pink Panther', while continuing to contribute terror stories to Gespenster Geschichten for Bastei in Germany. He also published in magazines like Sex Humor, Fierro, Satiricón and Zona 84.

Donald Duck by Jose Massaroli
Donald Duck - Willing Little Helpers (D 99107)

In the early 1990s, Massaroli began drawing stories with Disney television and movie characters for the American Disney Adventures periodical. He additionally made stories with 'The Flintstones' and illustrations for Look and Find. Under the guidance of Daniel Branca, he was introduced to the Danish publisher of Disney comics, Egmont. Massaroli has drawn 'Duck' stories for Anders And & Co. magazine since 1997. By 2010 he was additionally drawing 'Savage Beauty' for Moonstone Publishing in the USA.

Savage Beauty by Jose Massaroli
Savage Beauty
Inducks entry

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