'Rupert and the Singing Dog', written and illustrated by Lucy Matthews (The Daily Express, 10 May 1980).

Lucy Matthews was one of the British artists who illustrated 'Rupert Bear' stories between 1976 and 1985.

Rupert Bear
In 1965, regular 'Rupert Bear' artist Alfred Bestall retired from the newspaper serial. In the following decades, several artists alternated on new episodes, with Freddie Chaplain writing most of the stories. Jenny Kisler was the first, then came Alex Cubie and eventually Lucy Matthews and John Harrold. Harrold was appointed the full-time 'Rupert' artist in 1985.

Early 'Rupert' stories illustrated by Lucy Matthews are 'Rupert and the Christmas Trail' (November-December 1976), 'Rupert and the Gaffer's Birthday' (April-May 1978) and 'Rupert and the West Wind' (January-February 1979). For some stories, Matthews also supplied the story idea and text captions. The others were written by the 'Rupert' editors Freddie Chaplain and James Henderson. Matthews has also made original material in color for the Rupert annuals. Together with that of Jenny Kisler, her artwork is considered to come closest to the classic Bestall style.

The Daily Express, 2 February 1979.

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