Rupert and the Ice Skates (from the Rupert Annual 1979)

Jennifer ("Jenny") Kisler was one of the British illustrators who succeeded Alfred Bestall as the artist of 'Rupert Bear' in the Daily Express. She began working with the character right after Bestall's retirement in 1965; her first story being 'Rupert and the Secret Shell' (July-September 1965). She also drew that year's Christmas story 'Rupert and the Ice Skates', and continued to work on 'Rupert' adventures by Freddie Chaplain throughout the 1970s. It was however Alex Cubie who drew most of the stories during this period, while Lucy Matthews and John Harrold also illustrated episodes. Harrold was eventually appointed as full-time 'Rupert' artist in 1985. Several of Kisler's stories have appeared in color in the Rupert annuals. Of all the series' artists during the so-called "intermission period", her style approached Bestall's mastership the most.

Kisler has also made illustrations for children's books, including religious themed books for Scripture Union Publishing, such as Jacqueline Sibley's 'Story Time' series (1968) and Jeanne Wesson's 'Simon and Sarah' (1978). She is also known under her married name Jennifer Miles Kisler.

Rupert and the Secret Shell (1965, reprint from Rupert Annual 1978)

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