'Rupert and the First Cuckoo' (The Daily Express, 17 April 1969).

Wendy Arnot was a British illustrator, who illustrated two 'Rupert Bear' stories for the Daily Express in 1969-1970.

Rupert Bear
Nothing is known about the artist's further life and career. Her involvement with the Mary Tourtel creation 'Rupert Bear' was during the so-called "intermission period" (1965-1985) between the second and third official 'Rupert' artist. After the retirement of the legendary Alfred Bestall in 1965, Jenny Kisler and Alex Cubie drew the core of the 'Rupert Bear' stories in the Daily Express, with editor Freddie Chaplain providing the stories. According to the 2020 edition of the 'Rupert Index' by John Beck and Pamela Stones, Wendy Arnot filled in on two episodes: 'Rupert and the First Cuckoo' (April-May 1969) and 'Rupert and the Rustler' (February-March 1970). No further contributions by Arnot are known. In the 1970s, Enid Ash illustrated two stories, and by 1976 Lucy Matthews and John Harrold became new 'Rupert' regulars until Harrold was appointed the adventurous bear's third official artist.

'Rupert and the Rustler' (The Daily Express, 28 February 1970).

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