O Traca by Wanderley Mayhe
O Traca (Jornal do Guarda-Chuva)

Wanderley Mayhé is a Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer. He began his career with Rio Gráfica Editora, where he ghosted on series like 'Fantasma', 'Tininha', 'Bolota' and 'Recruta Zero'. He also assisted Fernando Bonini and Gustavo Machado on 'Picapau Amarelo'.

illustration for Achei by Wanderley Mayhe

He does illustrations for children's books, websites, children's stories and magazines like Xuxa, Chaves, Popeye, Mandrake, Fantasma, Riquinho and Recruta Zero. He also draws the special editions of hobby magazine Coquetel.

Popeye by Wanderley Mayhe

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