De Leidse Nachtwacht, by Bert van der Meij

After visiting two art schools (in The Hague and Oakland), Bert van der Meij created his first comic 'This land is my land', published by the free Dutch comic info-magazine ZozoLala in 1986. For Sherpa editions, he started with the series 'Moeshashi' (three books) in 1989. He also worked on a few one-shots ('De Mens Boeroeboeroe' and 'Hoogland'). With Lian Ong he collaborated on 'De Lift', published by Casterman. His most famous work is his comic strip 'The Pinguins'. Sherpa has published three books containing these strips. Van der Meij draws the topical strip 'Kappie' for the frontpage of the local Katwijk newspaper De Katwijksche Post. Several book collections have appeared since 2005.

The Penguins, by Bert van der Meij

Laatste update: 2012-04-08

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