Kookaburra by Nicolas Mitric
'Kookaburra' #5.

Nicolas Mitric initially studied carpentry, but then enrolled at the Parisian School of Industrial Design. While working as a graphic artist, he turned to comics in 1993 by writing the script for his fantasy series 'Arkeod'. Unable to find a suitable artist, he took on the artwork himself, with the help of Masaki Okumura for the designs and architecture. Laurent Peno-Mazzarino and Virginie Cady participated in the scenario. The first book was published by Soleil in 1999, the second in 2001 and the third, drawn by Julien Motteler, in 2012.

Arkeod by Nicolas Mitric
'Arkeod' #2.

By 2002, Mitric was the illustrator the first installment of Crisse's 'Kookaburra Universe' series. He became the artist of the main series in 2004, finishing the first cycle of this sci-fi saga with Crisse as the scriptwriter, but starting the second one as a complete author in 2008. Together with Mazzarino, he developed another fantasy series called 'Verseau', of which two books were drawn by Alain Peticlerc in 2004 and 2006. Mitric also scripted the 'Arkeod' spin-off 'La Voie du Silence', drawn by Manu Grey and published in two books in the same period. As a scriptwriter, Mitric additionally created 'Tessa - Agent Intergalactique' with Stéphane Louis and 'Anatole Deparadis' with Philippe Fenech in 2004.

Mitric has also participated in the Soleil illustration collection 'Les Filles de Soleil' since 2000. In 2012, he scripted 'Sept dragons', the 12th book in the 'Sept' series of the publishing house Delcourt, drawn by Sylvain Guinebaud. He began an association with Éditions Glénat for his solo series 'L'Ultime Voyage en Alchimie', that was started in 2012.

L'Ultime Voyage en Alchimie by Nicolas Mitric
'L'Ultime Voyage en Alchimie'.

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