Aventuras de Bordón, by Joao Mottini

João Mottini was born in Livramento, Estado de Rio Grande do Sul in 1923. He began his career at the age of 15 at the Editorial Libraría do Globo, where he illustrated 'Don Quijote de la Mancha', 'Los 3 Mosqueteros' and 'Robin Hodd'. He settled in Bueno Aires, Argentina, in 1946, where he started out illustrating for advertisements and magazines. His early Argentine comics work appeared in the magazine Aventuras. From 1950, he was present at the Editorial Dante Quinterno, starting with 'El Monarca del Último Horizonte' in the magazine Patoruzito. A year later, he made a comics biography of Al Capone for the review Sucesos.

comic art by Mottini

For Patoruzito, he created the series 'Moro y Turbión' in 1953, while also contributing cover illustrations for Cinemisterio of the Editorial Abril. He also drew 'Historia de la Boca' (1956) and 'Aventuras de Bordón', and he succeeded José Luis Salinas on the graphical part of the series 'Ellos'. Between 1958 and 1961, he made 'Quintín Duval' and the western 'Cara de Tigre'. From 1960, Mottini also produced artwork for the British market. When the Argentine comics market folded in the 1960s, Mottini went to work in other artistic fields. He died in Brazil in 1990.

Patoruzito cover by Mottini
Patoruzito cover illustration by Mottini

Care de Tigre, by Joao Mottini
Care de Tigre, by Joao Mottini

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