Zepis Zaubergarten by Gabriel Nemeth
Zepis Zaubergarten

Gabriel Nemeth is a German graphic artist and illustrator. His first publications appeared in 1977 under his nickname "Tschap" in the magazine Zomix from Munich, of which he was also one of the co-editors. After that came several works for satirical magazines like Blatt, Pardon, Durch Mark + Bein, etc. He took part in the development of the serial 'Quer-Comic' (3 volumes) for the Rotfuchs/Rowohlt-Verlag in 1983.

The volume 'Sklaven' was the first comic ever to show the participation of German enterprises in the exploitation and murder of forced labor convicts and concentration camp prisoners. Because of these political comics, critics reproched him with hiding his authorship behind his pen name. This is why he has been using his Hungarian family name Nemeth ever since.

Sklaven by Gabriel Nemeth

Gabriel Nemeth developed the character 'Hausmeister Zwetschke', a parody of a racist caretaker, for the Carlsen magazine Moxxito in 1988. The drawings were created by Nemeth (inks) and his colleague Jan Gulbransson (pencil art). Together with Erhard Dietl and other artists, Nemeth produced a series of children comics called 'Chip & Charly' (8 volumes) for Ravensburger-Verlag from 1988 to 1992. The series was also turned into an animated cartoon films with 24 sequels. Nemeth and Gulbransson both also contributed to the advertising comic book series Mike for the German credit union banks in the 1990s.

Starting in 1990 he published numerous stories about the relationship between his main characters 'Fredi + Carla' in the adult magazine U-Comix. Some of these stories also appeared outside of Germany, like in the Italian comic art magazine Humor in 1994.

Fredi + Carla by Gabriel Nemeth
Fredi + Carla

Nemeth has been working with penciler Jan Gulbransson again since 1995 on the series 'Willi Wurm und seine Freunde' for the magazine Medizini, and on several 'Donald Duck' stories. From 2009 to 2010 Nemeth published the series 'Zepis Zaubergarten' in the Austrian magazine Weite Welt. This series is currently being continued as a webcomic.

As an illustrator Nemeth has realised artwork for both children and adult books and worked for different German publishers such as Hanser-Verlag, DTV, Arena and many more. He has been a text writer for licenced characters comic books. He has written scripts for Florian Julino ('Fix & Foxi'), Johann Kiefersauer ('Käptn Blaubär'), André Roche ('Dapsy Dinos, Happy Hippos') and others.

Since 2012 Gabriel Nemeth is responsible for text and artwork of the children's book character 'Glöbeli', whose books are published by the Globi-Verlag publishing house in Switzerland.

Chip & Charly by Gabriel Nemeth
Chip & Charly

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