Moby Dick, by Graziano Origa
'Moby Dick'. 

Graziano Origa - journalist, artist, editor, born in Sardinia in 1952 - created his own Studioriga in 1972. Under his supervision, the studio produced pocket series like 'Lady Lust' and 'Zordon' (Fabio Civitelli), 'Maghella' after Leonetti (Edoardo Morricone), 'Bonnie' after Zuffi (Renzo Savi), 'Biancaneve' (Edoardo Morricone), 'Karzan' (Corrado Roi), 'Misterlady' (Leonardo Gagliano, Enea Riboldi), and 'Lucifera' after Frollo (Edoardo Morricone, Adriana Lobello, Renzo Savi). Studioriga closed in 1982 when Origa went to live in New York City till 1987. There, he worked for gay magazines like Torso and Blueboy.

Pasolini, by Graziano Origa
'Pasolini', about film director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In the late 1970s, Origa was leader of the punk-art movement with gallery exposition and publishing the fashion art Punk Artist Magazine. He has worked for Italian and American newspapers doing portraits of famous people.

Naked William by Graziano Origa
'Naked William', about William S. Burroughs. 

From 1992 to 2002 Origa was editor and art director of the comics news magazine Fumetti d'Italia, for which he also illustrated occasional comics and created and wrote 'Videomax', a virtual hero in Berlin, drawn by Carlo Ambrosini, Alberto Ponticelli, Andrea Bormida, Pier Gallo and other cartoonists.

Pasolini, by Graziano Origa
'Pasolini', about film director Pier Paolo Pasolini. 

Since 2002, Origa was editor of the 'Grande Blek' and 'Capitan Miki' reprints published in Milano by if Edizioni. Also, he is art consultant of Museo del Fumetto di Lucca (Muf), directed by Gianni Bono. In his career, he has written dozens of books on comics starting in 1977 with 'Enciclopedia del Fumetto' (among the most recent is 'Vietato ai Minori', about cult erotic vampire pockets in the 1970s). He died in 2023, at age 70. 

Andy Warhol, by Graziano Origa
Comic about Andy Warhol

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