Help Me Rhonda by Hans van Oudenaarden
Help Me Rhonda

Hans van Oudenaarden, who sometimes works under the pseudonym Vano, studied Environmental Biology in Leiden. He began working as a professional comics artist directly after obtaining his degree. His first work were stories with 'Donald Duck' and 'The Big Bad Wolf' for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly in 1988. He continued to contribute artwork for comics and covers to the Dutch Disney magazine until 1995. He ghosted on stories with 'Sjors en Sjimmie' for Sjosji, 'Jan, Jans en de Kinderen' for Libelle and Warner Bros characters for Looney Tunes Magazine.

Bob Evers, by Hans van Oudenaarden
Bob Evers

He has been active in advertisement illustration since 1990. In 1994, he created his own strip, 'Dave', in Sjors en Sjimmie Stripblad, followed by 'Inspector Diamond' in Hello You in 1997. Under the pseudonym El Gringo, he produced the erotic comic 'De Kleine Dood', that was published in the Spanish Kiss Comix and the French La Poudre Aux Rêves. He is the artist of a series of comic adaptations of the 'Bob Evers' children's books by Willy van der Heide. After a first story with writer Koen Wynkoop, he has worked on new adaptations with Frank Jonker since 2003. The stories have been serialized in Algemeen Dagblad and Eppo, and published in book format by Arboris and Boumaar.

Puppy from Hell by Hans van Oudenaarden
Puppy from Hell (P@per #16, 2011)

His gag strip 'Puppy from Hell', which he makes in cooperation with his partner Caroline van der Lee, has been presented on the web, and in P@per magazine and Stripnieuws. It runs as a daily strip in free newspaper Metro since August 2017. The first story of his crime comic 'Help Me, Rhonda' was finally published in Eppo from January 2013, after years of preparation and the release of special teaser booklet. By 2014, it is also serialized in the German comics magazine Zack. Hans van Oudenaarden is also specialized in Flash animation.

Dagobert Duck by Hans van Oudenaarden
Uncle Scrooge story from Donald Duck 41, 1996

Hans van Oudenaarden in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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