comic art by Francois Schuiten
(artwork by Francois Schuiten)

Benoît Peeters is a famous comic writer, best known for his experimental series 'Les Cités Obscures'. Born in Paris, Peeters moved to Brussels. He began writing in several media, doing novels, biographies, radio-plays and comics. He is also know for his famous essay on Hergé, 'Le Monde d'Hergé' (1983), as well as several other books about comics. He was also responsible for the 'Intégrale Hergé' collection at Rombaldi and 'La Bibliothèque de Moulinsart' at Casterman. He made his debut in comics at À Suivre magazine in 1982, starting with the famous 'Les Cités Obscures' with artist François Schuiten. This visionary series about a parallel universe led to several classical comic books, such as 'Les Murailles de Samarais', 'La Fièvre d'Urbicande', 'Brüsel' and 'La Tour', as well as several illustration books.

Calypso, by Anne Baltus
(artwork by Anne Baltus)

Again with Schuiten, he co-wrote 'Plagiat!' for Alain Goffin, that appeared at Humanoïdes Associés in 1989, and 'Dolorès' for Anne Baltus. At the same time, he continued Didier Comès's 'Ergün L'Errant' series with artist Patrick Deubelbeiss. With Deubelbeiss, he also started 'Transpatagonien' in 1989. In 1990, Peeters launched the police series 'Le Signe de Lucifer' with Alain Goffin. In 1992, he teamed up with Frédéric Boilet and created 'Love Hôtel' in À Suivre. The same year he wrote 'Le Théorème de Morcom' for yet again Goffin. In 1994, he began a new series with Baltus, 'Calypso', that appeared in À Suivre. From 1997, he worked with Boilet again, this time on 'Tôkyo est Mon Jardin' and 'Demi-Tour'. Since 2003, he is head of Bang! magazine with Fabrice Bousteau.

In 1983, he was one of many comic artists paying homage to the recently deceased Hergé in a special issue of (À Suivre), titled 'Adieu Hergé'. 

Cités Obscures, by François Schuiten
(artwork by François Schuiten)

Demi-tour, by Frederic Boilet
(artwork by Frédéric Boilet)
Le Club Schuiten-Peeters

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