Boby, by Giuseppe Perego

Giuseppe Perego started out working in animation at age 17, cooperating with the brothers Carlo and Vittorio Cossio at Million Film. His first comics were contributions to Corriere dei Piccoli and Modellina. He also drew several episodes in the series 'Scimmiottino' for the publishing house Conte. In 1946, he cooperated with the publishing house Juventus, where he illustrated 'Flattavion'.

Zorro, by Giuseppe Perego

He was also present at Alpe with episodes of 'Cucciolo e Beppe', 'Birba e Spacca', 'Kappaò', 'Sgraffigna', 'Park', 'Gir', 'Pin e Merlot', as well as his own creation 'Buffalo Brill'. Perego did stories with 'Gim Toro' and 'Dixy Scott' for publisher Gino Casarotti, and cooperated with the magazines Vittorioso and Il Monelllo, where he took over 'Pico Panda e Paco Serse' from Gino Gavioli. For Dardo, he created the dog 'Boby'.

Donald Duck, by Giuseppe Perego

Giuseppe Perego started drawing for the Italian Disney production in 1952, calling in the second generation of Italian Disney artists. Until 1982, he has drawn stories with nearly all Disney characters. His comics have been published in Disney pocket publications all over Europe. In addition, Perego has contributed to Rolf Kauka's Fix und Foxi in Germany ('Tom und Biber', 1966), Giorno dei Ragazzi ('Poldo e Poldina') and Settimana TV.

Tom und Klein-Biberherz, by Giuseppe Perego

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