Bianca Pinheiro is a Brazilian illustrator and comic artist, who works in a variety of styles and themes. She first came to notice with the webcomic 'Bear' (2012), and then created independent comics such as 'Dora' (2014), 'Meu Pai É Um Homem da Montanha' (2015), and 'Alho-Poró' (2017), as well as the more experimental and minimalistic 'Eles Estão por Aí' (2018) and 'Sob o Solo' (2019) with Greg Stella.

Early life and influences
Bianca Pinheiro Cristaldi da Silva was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1987. She graduated in Graphic Arts from the Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR) and did a post graduate studies in Comics at the Grupo Educacional Opet. Major influences on her work are the Cartoon Network animated series 'Adventure Time' by Pendleton Ward and 'Steven Universe' by Rebecca Sugar. Narratively, she is also inspired by the work of artists like Noelle Stevenson, Emily Carroll, Taiyo Matsumoto and Anders Nilsen.

Pinheiro began publishing webcomics on a blog she launched with some friends in 2012. The following year, she created the webcomic 'Bear', about a lost girl who befriends a bear. Following its success, three print volumes were published by Editora Nemo between 2014 and 2016. In 2017 and 2018 the books were also released in France under the title 'Raven et l'Ours' by the publishing label La Boîte à Bulles. Between 2012 and 2015, the author published short comics on her Tumblr account, in both Portuguese and English.

Because of her work on 'Bear', Bianca was invited to create the graphic novel 'Mônica - Força' (2016). It was part of the Graphic MSP series, which collects interpretations of Mauricio de Sousa's classic characters by artists from Brazil's independent comic scene. Bianca's graphic novel starred 'Mônica', De Sousa's most iconic characters. The book had a sequel called 'Mônica - Tesouros' (2019).


Indie comics
Bianca's drawing and narrative style is very eclectic, demonstrated by the variety of themes in her graphic novels. While the aforementioned 'Bear' and the two 'Mônica' books aimed at young readers, she also self-published graphic novels for a more mature audience. The first was the crowdfunded 'Dora' (2014), a horror story about a girl accused of 15 murders. It was reprinted in 2016 by Editora Mino. With writer Grégorio Bert, she envisioned a woman's journey of self-discovery in the book 'Meu Pai É Um Homem da Montanha' ("My Father is a Mountain Man", 2015). 'Alho-Poró' (2017) on the other hand was about a group of friends looking for leeks ("alho-poró" in Portuguese) to make a quiche. Behind this seemingly light-footed facade, Pinheiro created a complex and tragic story, which subtly tackles the concepts of femininity, violence and friendship.

She also made the illustrations for the picture book 'Palavras, Palabras' (Marsupial, 2015) by Lucio Luiz, which plays with words that are the same in Portuguese and Spanish, ​​but have different meanings. With Greg Stella she treaded in more experimental grounds with the graphically minimalistic comics 'Eles Estão por Aí' (Todavia, 2018), a mysterious comedy that completely overthrows the medium's narrative conventions, and 'Sob o Solo' (Pipoca & Nanquim, 2019), which reveals the degeneration process of two wounded men in a bunker.

Bianca Pinheiro has been called one of the most versatile comic authors of her generation. She won the Troféu HQ Mix - the most important Brazilian comics award three times. In 2015 in the category "Best New Talent/Writer" (for 'Bear" and 'Dora'), in 2017 for "Best children's publication" ('Mônica - Força') and in 2018 for "Best Independent Publication" ('Alho-Poró'). In 2018, he also won the APCA Trophy, from the São Paulo Association of Art Critics, in the "Comics" category.

'Meu Pai É Um Homem da Montanha'.


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