Pepe Carter by Angel Puigmiguel
Pepe Carter - La Bicicleta Voladora

Angel Puigmiquel Lis was one of the classic Spanish comic artists of Chicos magazine. Born in Barcelona, Puigmiguel started out drawing caricatures for La Voz del Combatiente during the Civil War. Afterwards, he began a collaboration with Chicos and Mis Chicas, the magazines edited by Consuelo Gil, through Emilio Freixas.

Bambolia y Púa by Angel Puigmiguel
Bambolia y Púa (Chicos #421, 28/1/1947)

His main work was the detective comic 'Pepe Carter y Coco', that appeared in Chicos from 1942 to 1946. Other creations for Chicos were 'El Ladrón de Pesadillas' (1948), 'Bambolia y Púa' (1943), 'Tony Martin' (1944), 'El País de los Chiflados' (1944), 'El Ladrón de Pesadillas' (1948) and 'Petalito' (1950).

Don Fiscornio by Angel Puigmiguel
Don Fiscornio - El Desafio

He additionally contributed to the children's supplement of Chicos and Mis Chicas, called Chiquitito. He worked on 'Cosas de Don Justo' (1942), and on 'Aventuras de Barquillito' (1942), 'Historia de Monina' (1943), 'Recortables' (1943) and 'El Aguerrido Felipe' (1949) in Mis Chicas.

Don Fiscornio by Angel Puigmiguel
Don Fiscornio

Puigmiguel worked both in the humorous and realistic genre. In his 1944 comic strip 'Puños contra Plomo' he mixed those two styles. For the magazine Cubilete he drew the serial 'Petalito' (1949), and his series 'Búfalo y El torero Manzanilla' appeared in Búfalo in 1950.

En el pais Chiflados by Angel Puigmiguel
En el Pais Chiflados (Chicos #295, 28/3/1944)

As a writer, he teamed up with Emilio Freixas to create 'El Capitàn Misterio'. Also together with Freixas, he embarked on the field of independent publishing with the collection Mosquito in 1945. Angel Puigmiquel left the Spanish comics field in 1951 and emigrated to Venezuela. There, he was a pioneer in animated films, together with Artur Moreno and Alfons Figueras (Lyon-Caracas Films).

Tony Martin by Angel Puigmiguel

He returned to Spain in 1963 and began his own advertising art studio, Cormorán. Puigmiguel's final comic was 'El Terror Gris', created for Editorial Toutain in 1992, which remained unpublished.

Tony Martin by Angel Puigmiguel
Tony Martin

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