Primero en Marte by Roberto Regolado

Roberto Regolado was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the Canary Islands during the Spanish Civil War. He got his interest in comics by reading 'El guerrero del antifaz', 'Roberto Alcazar' and 'Pedrin' and copying the drawings during his childhood. He moved with his family from Spain to Argentina when he was 12 years old and two years later he took the course of the Twelve Famous Artists with the Panamerican School of Arts.

He got a job with Editorial Abril at age 19, doing lay-outs for the magazines Nocturno, Panorama, Claudia and Parabrisas. He also made freelance illustrations for Misterix and Rayo Rojo, and assisted Carlos Cruz for a short time on the inking of 'El Indio Suarez'.

Rayo Rojo by Roberto Regolado

His first published comic was an 'Ernie Pike' story scripted by Hector German Oesterheld for Hora Cero Extra 32 by Editorial Frontera in 1960. This was followed by cover illustrations and more comics for Rayo Rojo, Misterix and Hora Cero. He also drew installments in the Oesterheld series 'Cuentos de la Ciudad Grande' ('Tales of the Big City').

In addition, Regolado became art director for Para Ti magazine, and was an illustrator for several other magazines of its publisher Atlantida, such as Billiken, Gente and La Chacra. He drew a great many comic stories for Billiken between 1970 and 2000, including the series 'La barra de Billiken' with scripts by Marisa Rossi and later by himself.

He also made historical and war stories with Claudio Morhaín and Linton Howard, as well as adaptations of 'Robinson Crusoe' and 'Sandokan' with Gustavo Roldán, the nature series 'El Maravilloso Mundo de la Naturaleza' with Andy Pruna and the story 'Operativo azul', about the Falkland War. He worked with Oesterheld again on 'Primero en Marte' in 1972, and an adaptation of '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' in 1974.

Do Entre la Gente by Roberto Regolado

Other comics include 'Goya' and 'La Maja Desnuda' with scriptwriter León Mirlas, 'Dos entre la gente' with Oesterheld, both for Gente, and a series of biographical comics in cooperation with Carlos Yujnovsky for El Grafico in 1977. During the 1970s he made covers and stories for the publications of Alfredo Scutti's Ediciones Record, that included contributions to Skorpio, Comic Art and Corto Maltes (stories with 'El Eternauta, a.o.).

In recent years, Regalado has been illustrating children's books for the publishers Guadal, Beeme, Artemisa and Grupo CLASA.

Cover art by Roberto RegoladoCover art by Roberto Regolado

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