Toyland, by Clarence Rigby

Clarence Rigby was an American newspaper artist and illustrator. He has worked on comic strips like 'Toyland' (1900-1902), 'The Story of the Wooden Babes in the Wonder Woods' (1902), 'Bruno and Pietro' (1904-1906), 'Little Ah Sid, The Chinese Kid' (1905-1906), 'Inquisitive Clarence' (1907-1908), 'Adventures of a Pair of Jacks' (1910), 'Professor Blackart' (1910) and George Herriman's 'Major Ozone's Fresh Air Crusade' and 'Alexander the Cat' (1911). He took over George Frink's creation 'Slim Jim' for a short while in 1914. Also active in animation, he worked for Raoul Barré's studio as an animator and for J.R. Bray's Bray Productions as the director of among others 'Miss Nanny Goat' (1916-1917).

Bruno and Pietro, by Clarence Rigby
'Bruno and Pietro'.

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