L'Ordre des Dragons by Denis Rodier
L'Ordre des Dragons

Denis Rodier is an illustrator, animator and comic artist from Québec. Besides local comics, he has worked extensively for American publishers, as well as the European market. Born in Nominingue, he studied Plastic Arts at Sainte-Thérèse College and Graphic Design at Montreal's Ahuntsic College. It was during this period that he made his first comic stories for Pop Rock magazine.

In 1988, he started working as an inker for DC Comics. After some fill-in issues, he became the regular inker of Val Semeiks on 'The Demon'. Between 1991 and 1997 he was the inker of 'Superman' stories for Action Comics and some other related titles, such as 'The Adventures of Superman'. He additionally inked issues of 'The Badger' for First Comics and he was one of the pencillers of the comic book adaptation of the Steven Spielberg film 'Hook' for Marvel Comics in 1991.

Rodier has continued to work for other US publishers during the 1990s, including Dark Horse ('Tales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd Uprising'), Malibu Comics ('Eliminator'), Marvel Comics ('Captain America'), Byron Preiss ('The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy') and Image Comics ('Damned'). More recently, he has made the cover illustrations for the 'Revolution of the Planet of the Apes' mini-series by MR Comics.

L'Encyclopédie Dekessé by Denis Rodier
L'Encyclopédie DeKessé

Rodier is a member of the ACIBD, an association for the promotion of Québec comics, of which he became vice president in 1991. He has participated in several local comics projects, including Pierre Fournier's short-lived Anormal magazine in 1991. Since 2000 he is a regular artist for the French-Canadian humor magazine Safarir, with several film parodies and current affairs features. He also developed the comic series 'L'Encyclopédie DeKessé' for the magazine with Denis Lord in 2003.

Since 2008, Rodier has been working for publishers in France, starting with the series 'Égide' with writer Fred Weytens for Delcourt. He made the drawings for the fantasy trilogy 'L'Ordre des Dragons' by Jean-Luc Istin for Soleil Productions in 2008 and 2009, and also started the follow-up, 'L'Apogée des Dragons', with Éric Corbeyran in 2011.

Furthermore, Denis Rodier is active as a painter and illustrator. He has made the illustrations for the award-winning children's picture book 'Shoes for Amélie' by Connie Culker Steiner in 2001. In 2015 he launched a Kickstarter campaign for the creation of his graphic novel 'Maelstrom'.

Death of Superman by Rodier and Guice
Death of Superman, pencils by Jackson Guice


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