comic art by Fernando Rubio

Fernando Rubio started his professional career in Argentina, assisting Gustavo Trigo, who was his drawing master. At the age of 17 he published in magazine Skorpio and the Columbia publishing house. When he was 21 he moved to Italy where he worked for Eura Editoriale. After some months he moved to Madrid. As a result he published in Spanish magazines like Tótem Extra and, more frequently, in Cimoc.

During the second half of the 1980s he produced a series of seven short stories which were written by himself and by several scenarists. After appearing in Cimoc they were compiled under the title 'Persecución' in 1990. His subsequent book 'Homero' (called 'L'Enfer Blanc' in its French version) was also previously featured in Cimoc, running from issue 124 to 127 in 1991. This was written by Antoni Guiral. In 1994 Rubio and Guiral serialized 'Mc Guffin' in magazine Viñetas, published by the Spanish Glénat.

Fernando Rubio's works were reprinted in other countries, in magazines like Heavy Metal and by publishers like Soleil and Eura. Meanwhile he also worked as illustrator for newspaper Diario 16 and magazine Cambio 16. Eventually he became Head of Illustration for the ABC newspaper and he kept this position until he passed away.

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