La Familia Rovellón, by Jordi Sempere
La Familia Rovellón

Jordi García Sempere teamed up with scriptwriter Francisco Pérez Navarro (a.k.a. Efepé) in 1981 and they have usually worked together, often adopting the joint signature Sempéreznavarro. In the early 1980s he worked for magazine Cul de Sac and, starting with 'La Página del Lector', for magazine Cairo. His series 'Nostradamus' appeared in Cairo in 1988. His series 'Nacido Para Triunfar' appeared in Más Madera in 1985.

He also contributed to humour magazines like El Jueves and Historias de la Puta Mili. Between 1988 and 1990 Sempere and Pérez Navarro revamped and updated Benejam's classic 'La Familia Ulises' in a series entitled 'La Familia Rovellón' in a renewed TBO published by Ediciones B. Part of the series would be compiled in book format later on. Teaming up with writer Antoni Guiral and artist Pedro Espinosa, Sempere did 'Los Trotabosques' in 1991.
Between 1996 and 1997 he published the strip 'El Púlpito' in U: El Hijo de Urich. Since late in the 1980s he contributed illustrations, gag panels and comics to publisher Fórum, counting on his regular partner Pérez Navarro. In 2002 their series 'Total Hero', which was previously published in a supplement of daily ABC, was compiled by Dolmen Editorial. Sempere also contributed illustrations and comics to this publisher. In 2003 he and Albert Xiqués drew 'Historia de Piera', a script by Josep Busquet about the history of this town. In 2006, Sempere began the series 'Nemrod' with scrips by Dominique Latil for the French publisher Soleil.

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