Tug Transom, by Alfred Sindall

Alfred Sindall was the artist of the daily 'Paul Temple' comic from 1951 to 1954. This detective series was a comics adaptation from Francis Dubridge's radio series and novels. From 1954 on, the series was continued by Bill Bailey and John McNamara. Around 1960, Sindall drew the adventure comic strip 'Tug Transom' for the Daily Sketch. Alfred Sindall was also an illustrator of among others 'Biggles', based on W.E. Johns' popular aviation novels. These novels have been adapted into comic strips by other artists too, like Pim van Boxsel, Albert De Vine, Rob Embleton, Ola Ericson, Gote Goransson, Guicha, Roger Melliès, Maurice Rondepierre, Willy Vandersteen and Mike Western,

Kapitein Rijkers, by Alfred Sindall

Tug Transom, by Alfred Sindall

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