Supermouse, by Milt Stein

Milton Stein worked as an assistant animator for Fleischer in the 1940s. He was also a funny animal artist for several comic book companies up until the mid-1950s. He drew many features for Better Publications, including 'Bonny Bunny', 'Coo Coo', 'Goofy Comics', 'Phineas the Parrot', 'Supermouse', 'Tommy Turtle' and many more. He also did a lot for Quality Comics, such as 'Flatfoot Burns', 'Poison Ivy' and 'Inkie'.

Supermouse, by Milt Stein

Other companies he worked for were Victory Comics ('Jing Pals'), Trojan Comics ('Jingle Dingle'), Marvel ('Silly Seal', 'Ziggy Pig', 'Wally Wolf'), Fawcett ('Snortville Sneeze'), ACG ('Buddy Bear', 'Pat the Potato Bug') and Ace Periodicals ('Marmaduke Monk'). In the 1960s he returned to animation, working on 'Batfink' for Hal Seeger and 'Return to Oz' for Rankin-Bass. Milt Stein commited suicide in 1977.

cover by Milt Stein

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