Una buena atracción para una barbería by Tinez
Una buena atracción para una barbería

Juan Martinez Buendia, who used the pseudonym Tínez, was one of the regular contributors to the Bruguera magazine TBO. Borni n Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, he spent his childhood in Barcelona where he studied drawing, painting and anatomy at the La Lonja School of Fine Arts. He worked as a professional cartoonist from the 1920s.

Un Sorprendente Hallazco by Tinez

He was one of the pioneers of TBO magazine, and contributed to this publication right up until his death in 1957. His comic pages generally knew no recurring characters and were characterized by their black humor. Like Benejam, most of his stories were written by the magazine's editor Joaquin Buigas. His work was regularly published on TBO's front cover.

Between 1946 and 1957, he drew over 50 inventions for 'Los Grandes Inventos de TBO', a section that was also illustrated by Sabatès or Benejam. In addition to TBO, Tinez's work could also be found in Colorín, Cubilete, El Chiquitín, Paseo Infantil, Pierrot, Pulgarcito and Sancho Panza.

Los Grandes Inventos de TBO, by Tínez

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