Wimpie Wegloop, by C. Turkenburg
Wimpie Wegloop

C. Turkenburg was a Dutch artist and illustrator, who was mainly active in the 1920s and 1930s. He wrote and drew five books in the series 'Wimpie Wegloop', that were published by Stella-editie in Amsterdam in 1935. A story titled 'Het strafjaar van Wimpie Wegloop' ran in the local newspaper Tilburgsche Courant from March until October 1928. It is unsure if this is the same character.

Tom en Loekie by C. Turkenburg

Turkenburg was also the author of 'Tom en Loekie op Avontuur', that appeared in the collection Kinderbibliotheek of the publishing house Helmond in 1934. The story also ran in the Nieuwe Tilburgsche Courant in 1940. Turkenburg illustrated several children's books for the Catholic publisher Van Putten & Oortmeijer in Alkmaar, such as 'De oudste der Glanmores' (1929) and its follow-up 'Erwin's Wraak' (1931) by W. van den Berg, and 'De jacht om het fabrieksgeheim' by L.W. Alders. Another book illustrated by Turkenburg was 'Het Ronde Huis' by Ton Ruygrok (Fidelitas, Amsterdam, 1934). The cover illustration was by Toon Rammelt.

Tom en Loekie op avontuur
Nieuwe Tilburgsche Courant (23 March 1940)

Turkenburg is possibly also the artist of the comics serial 'Het Groene Oog van Baa-al' (or 'Het Groene Oog van Ba-al'), that ran in Dutch newspapers like Gooi en Eemlander (1936-1937), Leeuwarder Courant (1937) and Het Nieuwsblad van het Zuiden (1942). It also appeared in the Flemish magazine Zonneland, from 3 January until 12 September 1937.

Het groene oog van Ba-al
Gooi en Eemlander, 14 November 1936

Wimpie Wegloop, by C. Turkenburg
Wimpie Wegloop

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