Fix und Foxi, by Maria Luisa Uggetti

Maria Luisa Uggetti was born in Milan. She started her career in 1959, drawing for the magazines Cucciolo and Tiramolla of the publishing house Alpe. In 1965, she created the series 'Grappino & C.', which she continued until 1972. She was part of the Bierecci studios from 1967 and 1979. Through this studios, that was founded by Luciano Bottaro, Giorgio Rebuffi and Carlo Chendi, she illustrated numerous stories for the French market ('Tweety and Sylvester' (based on Friz Freleng's characters), 'Pif' in Pif Gadget), as well as the German market (Rolf Kauka's Fix und Foxi).

Goofy, by Maria Luisa Uggetti

In 1972-73, she drew 'Brambilino & C.' with texts by Gian Paolo Barosso in Corriere dei Piccoli. She also took over the series 'Fort Express' from Luciano Bottaro. She started making Disney comics in 1984, initially inked by Tiberio Colantuoni. Besides her 'Topolino' stories, she has drawn several 'Minni' stories through the Staff di If.

Goofy, by Maria Luisa Uggetti

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