Will Sparrow by J. Van Straelen
Will Sparrow - Les Perles de la Mer d'Oman

J. Van Straelen was a Parisian artist who drew for French comic magazines during the 1930s and 1940s. He contributed to Le Dimanche Illustré, Marius and L'Almanach Vermot, and got Louis Forton's spot in L'Épatant after Forton's death. Van Straelen's comic 'Gedeon Bec de puce' was published in this Offenstadt magazine in the period 1935-1936. He was one of the anonymous artists that aided Davine with the production of the 'Spirou' comic when her husband Rob-Vel was mobilized in 1940.

Spirou by Van Straelen
Spirou, probably drawn by Van Straelen

He continued Kurt Caesar's aviation series 'Will Sparrow' and 'Aeroport Z' for the collections Les Cahiers d'Ulysse by A.B.C. and Les Sélections Prouesses by S.E.P.I.A. during the 1940s. He drew several installments for the collection 'A L'Assaut Du Ciel' as well as the book 'Les Aventures du Capitaine Raider' for the Parisian publisher Marcel Daubin, and also contributed to the magazines Hardi les Gars, Jeudi Magazine and Le Petit Canard. His comic 'Cap'taine Stouf' ran in the aviation magazine En Plein Ciel in 1947.

Capitaine Raider by J. Van Straelen

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