Soleil du Soir by Fred Vervisch
Soleil du Soir

Fred Vervisch was born in Rouen and studied Applied Arts. His first job was with the Walt Disney Studios in Montreuil, where he participated in the film 'A Goofy Movie'. He has subsequently worked for Dupuis Audio Visuel and Les Cartooneurs Associés as character designer, layout man and assistant animator. With Bernard Deriès, he has worked on the storyboards of productions like 'Les Ailes du Dragon', 'Thorgal', 'Oggy et les Cafards', 'Witch' and 'Totally Spies'.

Les Aventures de Gullia by Fred Vervisch
Les Aventures de Gullia

He made his first comics in cooperation with scriptwriter Jean-David Morvan, resulting in the humorous western series 'Plus jamais ça', that was published by Carabas between 2003 and 2007. Then came his solo detective series 'Assassination' (Carabas, 2005-06), 'Chinn' with Bertrand Escaich (Bamboo, 2008) and the children's adventure series 'Les Aventures de Gullia' with Christophe Cazenove (Bamboo, 2010).

He turned to a more mature register for the fantasy western 'Hell West', that was written by Thierry Lamy and published by Sandawe in 2012. He returned to Bamboo in 2014 for 'Soleil du Soir', a series written by Solange Cruveillé and Christophe Cazenove.

Hell West by Fred Vervisch

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